Principle Investigators
Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack
Dr. Thomas Holtgraves
Dr. Kristin Perrone-McGovern
Dr. Anjolii Diaz
​Dr. Michael Tagler
​Graduate Students
Doctoral Students:

Byron Long, M.S.
​Julie Matsen, M.A.

Lab Manager:

Scott Wittman, B.A.

Thesis Students:

Scott Wittman, B.A.
​Caleb Robinson, B.S.

Graduate Assistants:

Adrianna Caballero, B.S.
Scott Wittman, B.A.

Graduate Volunteers:

Caleb Robinson, B.S.​April Taylor, B.A.
Alaina Myers, B.A.
​Megan Slagel, B.S., B.S.
​Undergraduate Students
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Where Our Students Go
  Former Graduate Students:

Shannon Doody, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2013

Kelly Fogle, M.A, in Clinical Psychology, 2013

​Kristina Hernandez, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2014

Chris Thomas, M.A. in Cognitive & Social Processes, 2015

​Keisha Novak, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2015

Brian Kraus, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2016

Richard Ward, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2017

Shelby Smith, M.A. in Cognitive & Social Processes, 2018

Jessica Gundlach, M.A.  in Clinical Psychology, 2018

Former Undergraduate Students:

Mindy Humphrey, B.A.

Kelly Woycheese, B.A., 2012

Ben Stettler, B.A., 2015, M.A., 2017​

Heather Daly, B.A., 2015, M.A., 2017

Rachel Hedinger, B.A., 2016

Thomas Rohaly, B.A., 2017

​Anna Allen, B.A., 2018

Kierstin Riels, B.A., 2018

Now at:

University of Indianapolis, Center of Excellence in Leadership and Learning
Director of School-Workforce Initiative Partnerships

Ball State University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology

Oregon Health and Science University
Professional Lab Manager for the Developmental Brain Imaging Lab

University of Texas at Tyler
Assistant Professor in the Department of Education

Ball State University
​Ph.D.  in Educational Psychology

Purdue University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Northwestern University
Ph.D. Candidate in Brain, Behavior, & Cognition

University of Michigan
Former Professional Lab Manager for the Culture and Cognition Lab

Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience

University of New Hampshire
Ph.D. Candidate in Brain, Behavior, & Cognition

Professional Psychiatric Services
Research Coordinator

Now at:

IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis
​Neurodiagnostic Specialist

Stryker Sustainability Solutions

North Dakota State University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience

Ohio State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Psychology

James Madison University
M.A. in Experimental Psychology

Florida State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience

James Madison University
M.A. Candidate in Experimental Psychology

​Vanderbilt University
M.Ed. Candidate in Child Studies, Empirical Research

​University of Florida
Ph.D. Candidate in Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience

PACE Lab -- Spring 2018

Back Row: Byron Long, Kellie Nichelson, Korey Smith, Caleb Robinson, Adrianna Caballero, Scott Wittman, and Shelby Smith
Middle Row: Austin Tatum, Anna Allen, Kierstin Riels, Jessica Gundlach, April Taylor, Alaina Myers, and Megan Slagel
Bottom Row: Dr. Simon-Dack and Tania Morales

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