Located at Ball State University, the Psychophysiological Attention, Cognition, and Emotion Lab conducts research regarding physiological and social factors with respect to cognitive/affective neuroscience. Our main methodological focus is using electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and event-related potential (ERP) to carry out our research.

Principle Investigators and Research Interests

 Stephanie Simon-Dack, Ph.D.

Thomas Holtgraves, Ph.D.

Dr. Simon-Dack's research focuses on neural communication, interhemiphseric transfer (IHT), sensory binding, and mechanisms of neural inhibition.

Dr. Holtgraves's primary research program investigates the social psychological factors involved in the production and comprehension of language. Current research examines the social, cognitive, and neural processes involved in the comprehension of scalar expressions (e.g., some) and indirect language.

Personal Website


 Anjolii Diaz, Ph.D.


​​Dr. Diaz is an assistant professor of Psychological Science. She is a developmental psychologist with a background in infant and child behavioral and physiological development. Through the use of various methodologies (e.g. EEG, ECG, Actigraphy, observations, and questionaires), her research program focuses on the role of temperament (individual difference in emotion regulation and emotion reactivity) and executive functioning in developing social competence and academic achievement throughout development. She is also interested in exploring how parenting and culture might influence these associations.

Kristin Perrone-McGovern, Ph.D.

Dr. Perrone-McGovern's current research focus is on the integration of neuroscience and counseling. Her interests include cognitive and affective neuroscience, IQ and giftedness, attachment, work-family interface, and interpersonal relationships.

Michael Tagler, Ph.D.

Dr. Tagler's research interests consist of:
  • Attitudes and Persuasion
  • Sleep Habits
  • Sex Differences in Reactions to Infidelity
  • Theory of Planned Behavior
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