Principle Investigators
Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack
Dr. Thomas Holtgraves
Dr. Kristin Perrone-McGovern
Dr. Anjolii Diaz
​Dr. Michael Tagler 
​Graduate Students
Doctoral Students:

Byron Long, M.S.
​Julie Matsen, M.A.

Lab Manager:

Shelby Smith, B.A.

Thesis Students:

Shelby Smith, B.A.
Jessica Gundlach, B.S.
Scott Wittman, B.A.
​Caleb Robinson, B.S.

Graduate Assistants:

Jordan Hall, B.A.
Korey Smith, B.S.​, B.A.
Adrianna Caballero, B.S.
Scott Wittman, B.A.
Caleb Robinson, B.S.
Charlie Jackson, B.A.​

Graduate Volunteers:

Tania Morales, B.S.
Cori Conner, B.A.
April Taylor, B.A.
Alaina Myers, B.A.
​Megan Slagel, B.S., B.S.
​Undergraduate Students
Anna Allen
Tyler Halbert
Kierstin Riels
Megan Robbins
​Austin Tatum
Kellie Nichelson
Where Our Students Go
Former Graduate Students:

Shannon Doody, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

​Kelly Fogle, M.A, in Clinical Psychology

​Kristina Hernandez, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Chris Thomas, M.A. in Cognitive and Social Processes

​Keisha Novak, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

​Brian Kraus, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Richard Ward, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Shelby Smith

Jessica Gundlach

Former Undergraduate Students:

Rachel Hedinger, B.A.

Heather Daly, B.A., M.A.

​Kelly Woycheese, B.A.

Ben Stettler, B.A., M.A.

​Mindy Humphrey, B.A.

Thomas Rohaly, B.A.

​Anna Allen

Kierstin Riels

Austin Tatum

Now at:

University of Indianapolis, Center of Excellence in Leadership and Learning
Director of School-Workforce Initiative Partnerships

Ball State University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology

Oregon Health and Science University
Professional Lab Manager for the Developmental Brain Imaging Lab

Ball State University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology

Purdue University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology

University of Michigan
Professional Lab Manager for the Culture and Cognition Lab

Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience



Now at:

Florida State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience

Ohio State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Psychology

Stryker Sustainability Solutions

North Dakota State University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience

IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis
​Neurodiagnostic Specialist

James Madison University
M.A. Candidate in Experimental Psychology




PACE Lab -- Spring 2018

Back Row: Byron Long, Kellie Nichelson, Korey Smith, Caleb Robinson, Adrianna Caballero, Scott Wittman, and Shelby Smith
Middle Row: Austin Tatum, Anna Allen, Kierstin Riels, Jessica Gundlach, April Taylor, Alaina Myers, and Megan Slagel
Bottom Row: Dr. Simon-Dack and Tania Morales

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